We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about the programs of Thompson Scholars Foundation. If you have other questions, feel free to message us through the contact page.

What location do you serve?

We serve Clay County, Kentucky.

Town Branch Road in Manchester is our focus neighborhood.

Who is eligible to apply for the Scholars program?

Students in the 4th through 12th grade who identify with at least one disadvantaged criteria may apply.  (Not limited to these listed)

Examples of eligibility include ONE of the following:

  • Belonging to a racial minority
  • Experiencing any level of poverty
  • First generation to attend college
  • Have a parent who did not complete high school
  • Other circumstances that may create a disadvantage
If I live outside of Clay Co, Kentucky, may I still participate?

Since distance may create a barrier to regular participation, only those students whose parent or legal guardian fully commit to make attendance a priority and who will be able to transport the Scholar to the sessions and events will be considered for participation if living outside of the immediate service area.  Priority is given to local students.

What are the requirements to become a volunteer?

We are looking for volunteers with a heart for the local community and for our Scholars.  Once a basic background check is completed (a $15.00 cost to the applicant), volunteers are required to complete a series of abuse prevention trainings along with trainings on various topics to ensure that our volunteers are well-equipped to handle any issues that may arise and also, that our Scholars are well protected by safe adults. These trainings are ongoing as each volunteer is activated.  Our team will provide training assistance to each volunteer.  We are looking for volunteers who will make a weekly commitment to the program. There are many different types of volunteer opportunities available to suit your skills and interests.


Beginning in 9th grade, Scholars earn funds toward a scholarship based on attendance in the program.  During the last two years of high school, that amount increases. This adds up quickly to create a substantial scholarship as you participate throughout high school.  A scholarship is one part of the different kind of supports needed to help a college student complete his or her degree and to graduate.

There are many details to the scholarship program that are provided to students and their families upon enrollment in the Scholars program.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning more details about the scholarship program prior to applying and we will be happy to answer your questions. 

What are the features of the Scholars program?
What is expected of me as a Scholar?

Traits such as being on time and making a commitment to excellent attendance are examples of the expectations.  Also, participating in the activities and giving your best effort to the program is important.  We ask that Scholars work toward an attitude of pressing through challenges and of not giving up.  We want everyone to get the most out of the program without distractions, so we ask that our participants do their best to have appropriate behavior and to speak up if there is something needed or if you feel confused about something.  Our team of safe adults will be there to help our Scholars grow together in these types of traits and attitudes and we will commit to bear with each other’s mistakes together as we grow and learn.

Is there a cost to be part of the program?

All costs are covered through donations to the Foundation for students who have been chosen as Thompson Explorers, Protégés, or Scholars.  This includes costs for field trips, food, entrance fees, or other expenses that may take place during the activities associated with the program. In order to cover all costs and provide the scholarships, enrollment in the Protégés and Scholars program is limited and will grow as financial capacity to serve more Scholars becomes available.

How do I apply for the Scholars program?

The first step is to simply complete the application on the website.  To find it, use the ‘Apply’ tab.  Once completed, be sure to hit the ‘Submit Application’ button. Once it has been determined that you are eligible for the Scholars program based on the application, the next step in the process is that someone from our team will contact you- usually within 2 business days- to schedule an in-person or virtual contact with you and your parent or guardian. After that, you will receive notification of the status of your application.  Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis as slots are available.

How can I receive regular information about Thompson Scholars?

Go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and click ‘Join’.  You can enter your contact information to ensure that you receive notifications such as our e-newsletter and information about upcoming events.

How do I contact your offices?

Go to the Contact Page and choose on the of the various ways to contact us through calling, texting, email, or regular mail.

How do I donate?

You can donate directly through our Donate page by debit/credit card or through PayPal.  See the donate page for information on how to mail a check.  There are many other opportunities to donate in other ways- such as sponsoring an event or college tour, donating items for our event silent auctions, donating equipment or space, or making Thompson Scholars Foundation a part of your legacy.  Contact us to find out more about how to make any of those happen.

How is the Scholars program funded?

The Scholars program is funded through the generous donations of our board members, corporate donors, and individuals like you. The Prichard Committee on Academic Excellence serves as our fiscal agent, and all funds are transmitted through their oversight. Go to our Donate page to make a donation.